329 - A.Y. Jackson Lookout

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ON-144, Chelmsford, Sudbury, ON, CA

location_on N 46 35.365, W 081 22.857

This is a place where one of Canada’s famous Group of Seven painters, well, painted. The painting he painted from this location was stolen and has never been recovered as is mentioned in the sign near the lookout. Enjoy the scenery as you find a tag here. There is plenty of parking that you need to drive through to get to the lookout so I didn’t enter parking coordinates. The tag is in a slot in the front of the lookout in the wood that makes up the base.


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Removing from map.


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I did find this one but unfortunately I was past the deadline by a few days to claim my tag. 😕 I learned about snag the tag at a local event and am very excited for the next one.


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