Tag: 188 - Holy Family Shrine

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Pflug Rd, Gretna, NE, US

Copied from their website: https://www.holyfamilyshrineproject.com

"The Holy Spirit calls each of us, and every so often calls a group of us, to create a Holy place on earth where God can work miracles on those that come seeking. Inspiration from the Holy Spirit led the founders of the Shrine to create a place for travelers to seek out the intervention of the Holy Spirit, to be at peace, to heal, to be comforted, to pray, and to discover or re-discover the saving power of Jesus Christ enshrined in the Holy Family and the Christian faith. It serves as a place of rest and solitude for people of all faiths and allows the Holy Spirit to have free access to their soul."

Do not cross the chains or fence if the Holy Family Shrine is closed (see website for hours)! This Tag is accessible without going inside the fence (see attached pictures).


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check_circle 1 year 8 months ago

This is a great place to visit. We stopped for the cache but then I noticed there was a tag close. We got an unexpected two for one. Thanks for placing the tag.


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